PV Magazine: Henk Rogers and the Blueprint for a 100% Renewable Hawaii

Oct 21, 2020

Henk Rogers, of Tetris Fame, talks shop about saving the planet, the future of energy storage in Hawaii and how a life-changing experience dictates how he tackles each day. Tam Hunt interviews the entrepreneur.

Shortly after meeting Henk Rogers, he invited me to his ranch on the slopes of Hualalai to check out his energy lab and chat about the things he’s working on. I’m a renewable energy lawyer, so this was a pretty natural suggestion and I happily said yes to his invitation.

Henk is well-known for being “the Tetris guy,” and indeed he was integral to the original Tetris game becoming a worldwide phenomenon. He did well in that venture and, although he is now retired from his career as a game developer, he is still active as an entrepreneur.