Meet Henk

Some may know him as the man who brought role-playing games to Japan or introduced a little-known game called Tetris to the world and turned it into an international phenomenon. Others may know his innovative energy lab and off-grid ranch on Hawaii Island, or his moonbase simulator on the slopes of Mauna Loa. The founder and/or leader of 10 companies and nonprofits, Henk Rogers is a visionary entrepreneur on a mission to save the Earth — and jump-start humankind’s journey to other planets.

“When we settle on the Moon or Mars, we will have to live sustainably, and that’s how we’ll learn to live sustainably on Earth.”


Henk Rogers’ bold vision for the future involves creating a world in which humanity and nature live in harmony, and space isn’t just a distant dream, but the next frontier for humankind.

Henk has four missions in life:

  1. End the use of carbon-based fuel.
  2. End war.
  3. Make a backup of life on Earth.
  4. Figure out how the universe ends, and do something about it.

After a near-death experience in 2006, Henk dedicated his life’s work to leading the transition to 100% clean energy, starting in his adopted home of Hawaii; influencing global climate action; and spearheading a movement to create a sustainable human presence on the Moon and beyond.

Career Timeline