Episode 209: From Bringing Tetris To Nintendo To Stopping The Universe From Ending – Henk Rogers

Jan 5, 2023


From international gaming phenomenon to game-changing initiatives, Dutch-born entrepreneur and innovator, Henk Rogers continues to pave the way in regenerating our home planet and working toward establishing permanent human settlements on the Moon and Mars.

Starting his career in computer gaming more than three decades ago, Rogers revolutionized the industry by creating Japan’s first Computer Role-Playing Game (RPG) and later bringing the legendary game Tetris, to the world. Since then, Rogers has dedicated his career to research, development, advocacy and implementation of renewable energy sources in his adopted home of Hawaii.

His Blue Planet Foundation (BPF) based out of Honolulu, has led efforts to pass the nation’s first 100% renewable energy mandate, requiring the State of Hawaii to commit to switching to 100% renewable sources of electricity by 2045. His newest initiative, Blue Planet Alliance (BPA) based out of New York City, is expanding BPF’s “mandate first, business model second” approach to international regions and countries. BPA is driving global systemic change by developing projects that change behaviors of people, companies, towns and countries, toward sustainability.

In an effort to expand life beyond Earth, to the Moon and Mars, Rogers has also established the International MoonBase Alliance (IMA) with leaders in space exploration across private-public and academic sectors. IMA manages HI-SEAS, a Moon-Mars habitat on Mauna Loa used by NASA for five years of simulated Mars missions, creating business opportunities in Hawaii, while

advancing space settlement efforts.

Rogers continues to explore renewable energy and space settlement opportunities through his Blue Planet Research, which conducts R&D at his off-grid ranch on Hawaii Island. Rogers has become part of the Renewable Energy Solutions industry with Blue Planet Energy, a Blue Planet Research spin-off, which designs and manufactures the safest, longest lasting and most environmentally friendly energy storage systems in the world.