EP 58. Henk Rogers: The story of Tetris and saving the planet

Jan 19, 2023

Henk Rogers is a Dutch video game designer based on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. This father of four is an international gaming phenomena, entrepreneur and innovator who revolutionized the gaming industry by creating Japanʻs first Role-Playing Game and later bringing the legendary game of Tetris to the world. He is also the founder of Blue Planet Foundation based out of Honolulu Hawaiʻi, which has led efforts to pass the nationʻs first 100% renewable energy mandate, requiring the State of Hawaiʻi to commit to switching to 100% renewable sources of electricity by 2045. He also founded the International MoonBase Alliance with leaders in space expiration across private-public and academic sectors and was voted Hawaiʻi Magazineʻs 2015 CEO of the year. In this episode we talk about how he created his first video game, how he secured the rights to Tetris, his love for the planet and Hawaiʻi, his philosophy on life and so much more.

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